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Our Products are offered in
Control Transformers
Power Transformers (Dry-Type)
3-Phase Line Reactors
1P / 3P / 3P-1P
Copper / Aluminum Windings
F / H Class Insulation
Open Execution / with Enclosure
Air Cooled / Oil Cooled / Water Cooled
Dry type Resin Impregnated / Epoxy Cast
CRGO / CRNGO / Amorphous Metal Core / Ferrite Core
Air Core / Iron Core
Manufactured with Wire / Strip / Litz Wire / Foil
Isolation / Auto / Ultra Isolation
Transformer without / with Built in Leakage Inductance
Power Frequency 50/60Hz / High Frequency / Normal Frequency with superimposed Carrier Frequency (in kHz)
Vacuum Varnished, Oven backed Products
Custom Engineered Chokes / Transformers
Fraction of VA to 1000VA / As Per Customers Requirement
1P or 3P, Air Cooled
Pin Type Bobbin / Normal Bobbin
Low voltage as per requirement
Input - output flying leads / with terminals
PCB Mounting Type / Clamp Mounting Type

Control Transformers

Auto Transformer
Control Transformer
From Fraction of KVA to 2000KVA
Up to 11kV
50 to 10 K Hertz
25KVA, 3Ph, Isolation Transformer
3Ph, Multitap Tramsformer
100KVA, 3Ph, Isolation Transformer
Up to 2000A
Up to 11 KV Class
50 to 1500 Hertz
Oil Cooled / Air Cooled
7mh, 277 A
1.8mh, 300 A
Air Core
HP Rating as per Requirement
2%, 2.5%, 3%, 6% & 7.5% Impedance
230, 415, 440V
Suitable for Input / Output application of AC Drive
3Ph, Inductor
11KV, 3Ph, Line Reactor
3Ph, AC Inductor
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